From what we have learned, the developer will start building the house we have been paying for this month. Yay! Since this is really, really happening, I finally started buying more stuff to use once we transfer later this year. Two weeks ago, we bought new set of ceramic plates and bowls along with forks and spoons when we visited some duty free shops nearby. Next time, we are going to buy new drinking glasses and other cookware. On the other hand, being a music lover, my husband is saving up for a new rsq neo 22. And as early as now, our daughter is listing the details for her dream bedroom. Is it not obvious that we are very, very excited? Open-mouthed smile

Wise Shopping for Valentine’s Day


Now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I am sure that some of us are looking for meaningful gifts to give our significant others. If you he is a guitarist, you might want to buy him an excellent applause bass at guitar center. From what I have heard, this shop is an good source of newest innovations in musical products, recording technology, sound and lighting. You are absolutely sure that you are getting the best when you shop from this online store.

Creative Storage for Pens and Scissors

Home Organization

With the number of crafting supplies and tools that I have accumulated all these years, I now need to come up with creative ways to store them. If I keep them in boxes, I am most likely to forget them. Out of sight, out of mind – remember? So I looked for ideas and here is one that I like:

organizing tips

My cousin said that she can’t rely on me when looking for a good Propellerhead Reason online, but she can absolutely count on me when it comes to crafting ideas, supplies and techniques. And yes, even tips on how to store the hoarded supplies too! So the search for reusable tin cans begin. I already have those colorful papers which I can use to wrap them.

Let’s Party!


It seems that glam rock/ rock star themed party is the in thing nowadays. A lot of my friends’ daughters opt this theme and it’s a fresh choice veering away from the dainty and fancy Disney Princesses. The usual colors for this theme are hot pink and black. And what’s the best thing to truly emulate a rock star  party? The presence of a rock band with shure sm 58 beta microphone, of course! Their music will certainly rock the party and make everyone go home happy and impressed.

A friend of mine is already preparing for her daughter’s party sometime this year with the abovementioned theme and yes, she’s looking for a rock band as early as now. I hope she finds a really good one.

Guitar-Shaped Cookies


One of my friends’ daughter will be celebrating her 8th birthday.  The theme of the celebration is rock star since the celebrant is into pop music and rock stars. It will be a simple celebration with immediate family and  us, some close friends so there’ll be no guitars, drums set, behringer microphones, amplifiers and others. We will just give the house a rock star-ish ambiance with the decors, music, costume we’ll wear and hopefully, the food that will be served.

The celebrant’s mom just started a baking course and for the celebration, she likes to try her hand on some cookies. True to the celebration’s theme, she want to bake some guitar-shaped cookies. To give her ideas, I searched the Net and these are my favorites.

cookies rock star partycookies rock starguitar cookies

Keeping Our Pets Safe

Home Safety and Security Shopping

One of our considerations when moving to our new house is the safety of our pets. So as early as now, I have been reading about dog fence reviews in order to choose one that fits our needs. We do not want our pets running around the subdivision or worse, getting lost. From what I’ve read, these are relatively expensive but it’s a good investment because our pets are family and their love is beyond any price.