How to Clean Your House Like a Pro

House Maintanance and Care

Tips on how to clean your house like a pro:

  1. Work from top to bottom. It means start from the ceiling down to your floor. You do not want to sweep first and then remove the cobwebs afterward. It calls for another sweeping, as we all know.

  2. Dispose things that you have not used for a year. Give away clothing, shoes, toys, books and what-have-yous to people and charity who can still find them useful.

  3. Do not forget to clean your drawers and cabinets. Get rid of moths and other bugs that might be residing inside them.

  4. Clean your light bulbs.Clean your lamps’ removable parts and wipe the fixed parts with cloth.

  5. Change and wash or dry clean your curtains regularly. Do the same with your upholstery covers.

  6. Remove and wash your linens, quilts, duvets and pillows. Those made of natural and synthetic fibers can be washed.

  7. Share the load. Though I prefer working alone, sometimes I also enlist the help of my daughter to teach her the right way of cleaning the house/ our room. It is a good way to bond with her too!