Tips on Making Your Room a Relaxing Sanctuary

Bedroom Tips

Most of my time is spent in our bedroom and it is important for me that it is neat and our things, organized. It is the place where I rest and relax, it is imperative that the place is not a source of stress.

Here are some tips for you and me to keep our rooms a place of rest and relaxation.

  • Keep your room clutter-free. Our room also serves as my work place and I can’t really concentrate on writing if there are toys, books and clothes scattered around me. Invest on effective organizational items like racks, shelves, cabinets, etc to keep things in place.
  • Try putting some fresh flowers in your room. It will not only add color and life into your bedroom but it will also make you feel relaxed.
  • Use essential oils to or use potpourri which greatly help in reducing stress and freshening up your room.
  • Go for blue when choosing bedroom colors. Experts believe that color blue affects our autonomic nervous system or that part of our body that operates without our conscious control. This color helps lower the heart rate and blood pressure and it slows the breathing. Color therapy experts claim that blue has a calming and relaxing effect and it lulls you to sleep. Also try adding blue blankets, pillows and rugs if your room is not due for a fresh coat of paint.