Tricks to Maximize a Limited Space

How to maximize small space

tips on maximizing space
Invest on furniture with multiple use. There are many pieces out there which are does not only function as you might obviously perceive but they also make great storage solutions.

Choose light hues in painting your rooms. Lighter shades have a tendency to make your room look more spacious and open. Opt for creams, pale blues, grays and others.

Use mirrors to reflect light and open up an area. If you have limited funds, find good deals at flea markets and garage sales.

Give your furniture some breathing space by angling your furniture instead of shoving them against the wall. There are pieces that look better at an angle or surrounded by space compared to being placed against the wall.

Choose monochromatic colors. Paint the walls and details using different shades of a color. You can also go for a light color tinted with a darker one for trims and detailing.

Give your ceiling texture with bright colors and fun fixtures. These can draw the eye upward to create an illusion of height in the area.

Ditch the curtains and leave your window uncovered. This will trick the eyes into thinking that your space is wide. Provided of course, that you have natural beauty of landscape at your yard.

Find a prominent furniture to highlight in a room. One big furniture provides the room an airier atmosphere compared to displaying a lot of small pieces everywhere.

For a more organized look, arranged pieces according to color. Arranged decorative items, books or flower vases by color makes the room more streamlined and in order.

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