Luxurious and Unique Beddings by Linens-N-More

Bedroom Shopping

While it is primarily used for rest, bedrooms need not be boring and plain. One can still express herself and customized it to fit her taste and lifestyle. The focal point of any bedroom is basically, the bed. Thus, it can be the best place to start to make the room not only conducive for rest but also to make the space cozy and pleasing to the eyes.

And if you are buying new sheets for your bed, here are some things that you need to know and do before paying for one:

  • Know the size of your mattress. Make sure that you measure the width, length and depth of your mattress before purchasing bed sheets. Regular fitted sheets for a plain mattress may fit, however, some of the pillow top style mattresses might require fitted sheets in a deep pocketed style to stay on the mattress.

  • Know your thread count. Generally, the higher the thread count, the better.
  • Know your fabrics. Cotton is the most popular and preferred choice.
  • Feel the bed sheet before paying for them and decide if it feels right for you.
  • Wash the newly bought sheet prior to using them in order to get rid of chemicals which might cause allergies.

Now that you know what to do when buying sheets, the next thing to do is to find a good store where you can buy luxurious beddings like comforter, pillows and king quilt set. Check out Linens-N-More – your one-stop-shop for oversized king quilts. Take a look at this bed adorned with a grape patch oversized king quilt. It has certainly made the room look more elegant and cozy.

king quilt setLinens-N-More is a family-owned business based in Texas. They have been operating since 1983 and managed by three qualified persons who are gifted in their respective fields. Because of their dedication and commitment, you are assured that careful planning, selecting and designing is being done in order to come up with unique and high quality luxury linens and gift items. 

This store specializes in three major products namely; sheets, quilts and gifts.

Sheets sold by Linens-N-More are topnotch quality sheets from 250-1500 thread count sheets. These are affordable and are all unique.

On the other hand, you can also find over 600 quilts stocked at Linens-N-More, giving you a lot of choices for a heirloom that can be used in the many years to come.

Lastly, if you are looking for unique wedding or housewarming gifts, why not consider an item or two from Linens-N-More? Your recipient will surely delight in your gift which is not only useful but also ingenious.

So do stop by Linens-N-More to find a gift you can give your self or to others.

5 Simple Tips for Bedroom Furnishing and Maintenance

Bedroom Tips

Tips for furnishing and maintaining your bedroom:

5 Simple Tips for Bedroom Furnishing and Maintenance image by Pearlie Ng

Keep it clean. Make the bed upon waking up. Regularly clean and dust off. Also, make sure that you put things back to their proper places.

Buy the linens that perfectly fits your mattress. Make sure that you have with you the measurement of your mattress when you go shopping for bed linens. Get the correct dimension of your mattress, its length, width and pocket size.

Consider smart storage solutions. In order to keep the bedroom as relaxing and restful as possible, it should be free from clutter. Customize your bed to have drawers underneath to store clutter. Also, a chest of drawers, side tables that function as bedside storage and others are clever ways of making the bedroom clutter-free.

Less is more when it comes to your night table. Your night table is not a shelf so avoid putting too many items on it. Just place the items that you need to reach easily.

Avoid eating inside your bedroom. Do not bring food inside the bedroom as crumbs that you leave behind can become a breeding ground for unwanted pests and insects.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Bed Linens

Bedroom Shopping

factors to consider when shopping for bed linens What is thread count? Thread count is the vertical threads and horizontal thread which are woven together in a one-inch square of fabric. It also includes one or two-ply yarns which can be single thread or two threads coiled together or multiple yarns. The thread count is one quality indicator to consider when you are shopping for bed linens. A bed linen with higher thread count is finer and has a smoother weave that makes it durable and long-lasting.

While a buyer must consider the importance of thread count when shopping for bed linens, she should also be aware of the quality of the fiber used. Other factors to consider when buying bed linens are: yarn size, construction and finishing. Take all of these into consideration when buying and you will have the best quality linens for your bed.

Different Kinds of Bed Linen Materials


types of linen materials As a sanctuary for rest and relaxation, our bedrooms should be a comfortable and cozy. The central furniture which is not only an aesthetic but more importantly, a functional item, the bed, must not only be nice to look at but also functional. After buying the best bed that fits our space, budget and tasted, we now move on to looking for the best bed linen. But do you know what the common materials are used in your bed linens? Read on.

Silk. This fabric is soft and has threads that are long, delicate and strong. It is made of woven cocoons of the silk worm and perfect for both cool and warm climates. 

Cotton. This is the most common bed linen material. This is the best material for people living in places that have warm climates as it is comfortable, cool and durable. Can’t afford silk? Then this is your next best choice.  

Flannel. Cold climate? Then this is the best bed linen material for you. It has a fluffy side that makes it a thick blend, perfect for making you warm when it’s cold.

Modal. It is soft and silky like cotton and made of beech wood. It is best for moderately cold seasons since it is not as cool as cotton and not as warm as flannel.

Bamboo. This is perfect for those who has problems with sweating at night since it is absorbent and soft.

Silk. This fabric is soft and has threads that are long, delicate and strong. It is made of woven cocoons of the silk worm and perfect for both cool and warm climates. 

Tips on Making Your Room a Relaxing Sanctuary

Bedroom Tips

Most of my time is spent in our bedroom and it is important for me that it is neat and our things, organized. It is the place where I rest and relax, it is imperative that the place is not a source of stress.

Here are some tips for you and me to keep our rooms a place of rest and relaxation.

  • Keep your room clutter-free. Our room also serves as my work place and I can’t really concentrate on writing if there are toys, books and clothes scattered around me. Invest on effective organizational items like racks, shelves, cabinets, etc to keep things in place.
  • Try putting some fresh flowers in your room. It will not only add color and life into your bedroom but it will also make you feel relaxed.
  • Use essential oils to or use potpourri which greatly help in reducing stress and freshening up your room.
  • Go for blue when choosing bedroom colors. Experts believe that color blue affects our autonomic nervous system or that part of our body that operates without our conscious control. This color helps lower the heart rate and blood pressure and it slows the breathing. Color therapy experts claim that blue has a calming and relaxing effect and it lulls you to sleep. Also try adding blue blankets, pillows and rugs if your room is not due for a fresh coat of paint.