3 Easy Tips on Organizing Your Serving Ware

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Serving pieces liven up a dining table and of course, make it easy to transport food from the kitchen. Keeping these pieces organized helps prevent the breakage and maximizes the storage space in your dining room. Moreover, knowing what pieces you have and where to find them helps you to easily pull them out when you next special meal happens.

How do you organize your serving ware? Here are some tips:

  • Start by collecting all your serving pieces – bowls, platters, trays and large plates – together. Do a quick sort by type in order to see how many of each you have and then do some weeding. Have a Donate pile and place there anything that you don’t like or use as well as anything you have too many of. Toss or repurpose any pieces that have significant scratches or cracks.
  • Next, create a storage plan based on how many and what kinds of serving pieces you have and how often you use them. Stash things you use on a regular basis in an easy-to-access cabinet with lesser-used pieces on higher or lower spots. If all of your serving ware shares one storage space, keep everyday items in front so that you don’t have to reach over other pieces to get at them.
  • Finally, create a storage map. It is a list of each piece and its location. Keep it in a convenient spot so that you can easily find the items you need when mealtime comes.

How To: Prepare Cut Flowers for Arrangements

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One of the best ways to adorn our homes is by displaying cut flowers. Cut flowers can be made to last much longer than usual if you take certain steps in order to preserve them. Before rushing to arrange them at once, here are some tips so you can enjoy your cut flowers longer:

  • Use a pair of scissors or a sharp knife to cut each flower stem at a slanted angle. Split the ends of your thick stems before starting to arrange them in the vase so that they have the best chance of taking in moisture.
  • Remove from the stem all the leaves that would be beneath the waterline in the vase. Otherwise, they will decay an poison the water, causing the flowers to die quickly, and the water to become brown and brackish.
  • Add two aspirins to the water vases to prolong the life of the flowers. If you are using a clear vase, add 15 ml or 1 tablespoon of liquid bleach to each 1.14 liters of water to prevent the water from being cloudy.

DIY Chalkboard Tutorial


Using chalkboards seem to be the “in” thing nowadays. You can even see small chalkboards in crafting stores (and I intend to stock on some soon!). And if you want to create your own chalkboard, here is a tutorial made by Smashed Peas and Potatoes.
chalk board DIY
She used some cute wooden board slices of tree trunk she found in a store, painted it and let it dry. The steps are pretty simple and this board can be used anywhere in your house – in the kitchen to make a grocery list (as seen on the image) or your kids’ rooms for homework/ chores reminders.

Tips on Planning Your Workbench Space

Home Organization Tips

Simple home improvements and repairs start with an organized workbench. Here are some tips to make that space more conducive for your DIY projects. Remember that most of the storage supplies and tools you need in organizing your workbench space are available at reid tool supply company.

Plan your space so that while standing at your workbench, you can easily access your tool and supply storage spots.

Use wall space as much as possible. Hang pegboard to hold tools and hardware and consider installing shelves or cabinets for other supplies.

Create a secondary workspace where you can store in-process projects and can work on additional tasks when your main workspace is in use.

Car Maintenance Tips


One of your most valuable assets is your car. You should then keep it clean and well maintained. Faults and dirt must be checked regularly before setting out on long trips. Have the car serviced at regular intervals and you should keep your garage in order as well. Here are some useful tips in keeping your car clean:

  • Wipe off insects using plastic net bags on your windscreens. Tie a few bags into one and rub well until the insects are gone. Then wash the windscreen thoroughly. Wipe with white vinegar.
  • Add 225 ml of kerosene to tat car wash water , so that no rinsing will be necessary. It also prevents rust and helps water bead on the car when it is raining.
  • If your wipers are doing more smearing than cleaning, wash the windscreen and clean the wipers with rubbing alcohol.
  • If salt from road gritting leaves marks on the carpet, wash with an equal amount of warm water and vinegar. Let dry then vacuum.
  • To remove stickers, use nail-varnish remover.
  • Keep a sheet of fabric softening underneath your car seat to keep the whole car smelling fresh.
  • Before long trips, spray the front of your car with cooking oil to stop bugs from sticking to the grill.
  • Run the air conditioner for five minutes each week during winter to keep it functioning smoothly.
  • Keep open cans of motor oil clean by sealing them with the plastic tops from used cans of coffee.
  • Clean car chrome with damp aluminum foil.
  • Add a splash of white vinegar to a wet, lint-free rag to clean windscreens.

Remember to keep your car well-maintained and clean to avoid problems and expensive repairs cost.

How to Travel on a Budget

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Traveling is one of the best gifts that we can give our children. It does not only give them and us an opportunity to see new places and enjoy everything that these places have to offer, it is also an opportunity to bond as a family and create lasting memories together. Aside from that, traveling is a good way for children to learn about people, places, history and basically, life. It gives them the chance to explore new environment and meet new friends. It helps them understand that every place, every culture and person is unique. It makes them see life outside of their comfort zone.

Some would say that traveling is a luxury. Sure, one needs to invest as airfare and hotel rates can be expensive. However, like in almost all important undertakings, it is necessary that we research and ask around. There are many airlines out there that offer promo fares all year round. We can take advantage of these promos and book our family a flight to a destination that we could all enjoy. Moreover, a lot of hotels offer discounted and affordable rates if you book online. Just a simple search of Rochester NY hotels on Google will yield you hundreds of result. Aside from affordability, you must also take note of the hotel’s facilities and other features. Read previous guests’ reviews to know of their personal experiences regarding the hotel of your choice before you book.

Aside from hotels and airlines, you should also research about restaurants where you and your family can eat. Surely, there are plenty of resources, travel blogs and even recommendations from friends that you can gain tips and insights from. There are many restaurants and eateries that offer affordable food and you just have to find them.

Traveling on a budget does not mean that you do not get to enjoy everything that the place has to offer. It just takes some researching and budgeting and you’re on your way.